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Volume 1: 1996Volume 2: 1997Volume 3: 1998
Vol. 3: 1998
Issue 12 December 1998 When Dick Rules over Jane, Reflections, Did You Ever Wonder?, And Then There Was Log, Of Football Fans and Reporters
Issue 11 November 1998 Reflections, Resume Mistakes, To Be All You Can Be: Honor Among Ants, Top Ten/Bible/College Students
Issue 10 October 1998 Where Have All the Females Gone?, Halloween Joke, Reflections, Black Magic, Carson
Issue 9 September 1998 At a Loss For Words, Tips for Life, American Frenzy, Reflections, Divorced and Wishing
Issue 8 August 1998 Sports: The Glue that Rips our Country Apart, Reflections, Who's Driving, Hmm...
Issue 7 July 1998 Mulan [Feminism and Asians], Reflections, Five Surgeons During a Coffee Break, Bart Simpson
Issue 6 June 1998 The Evolution of a Lifestyle, The E-Mail Era, What we Learned in the Movies, Are you Normal?
Issue 5 May 1998 The Evolution of a Lifestyle, Michael Jordan, Actual Business Signs
Issue 4 April 1998 Computers, Think about It, Hillary and Bill
Issue 3 March 1998 The Evolution of a Lifestyle, The Emphasis of Punctuation, What if/Microsoft
Issue 2 February 1998 The Evolution of a Lifestyle, Status Symbols, Titanic Lawyers, Kids and Cliches
Issue 1 January 1998 Teen Music Opinion, 50 fun things to do at WalMart
Vol. 2: 1997
Issue 1 January 1997 Stories of the Bizarre, General Knowledge Quiz, Marriage Jokes.
Issue 2 February 1997 Worst Analogies, Words not yet in Dictionary, EU Press Release.
Issue 3 March 1997 Phunnie Chicken, Doctor's Bloopers.
Issue 4 April 1997 Phunnie Chicken, How Smart are You?
Issue 5 May 1997 Internet Safety, Things you learn about Computers from Movies.
Issue 6 June 1997 IRC Overview, Hickphonics, Did Extra Planets Vanish into Space?
Issue 7 July 1997 ICQ: Know Who's On, When They're On, Tragedy, Chain E-Mail, Affirmitive Action (1/3)
Issue 8 August 1997 Graphology, Visions (1) Affirmative Action (2/3), Les Miserables II
Issue 9 September 1997 Nature, What's Nature?, Visions (2) Affirmative Action (3/3)
Issue 10 October 1997 Goldeneye 007 Review, Wonder..., Visions (2) Driving Lesson Q&A
Issue 11 November 1997 A War Never to be Forgotten, Engineers and Recipe Books, When Dogs Crossbreed
Issue 12 December 1997 A War Never to be Forgotten, Ever Notice?, Major Technological Breakthrough!
Vol. 1: 1996
Issue 1 November 1996 50 Ways to Get rid of a blind date, pc game cheats.
Issue 2 December 1996 Stories of the bizarre, OJ trial told by Dr. Suess.

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