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So, you want to find out about LAYA!, huh?

Maybe you heard it was the first and best newsletter distributed by e-mail, written by, and for, young adults.

So what's LAYA! stand for?

Well, officially, LAYA! stands for eletter for American Young Adults, however the staff likes to think of it as bringing technology to young adults around the United States.

What kind of content is in LAYA!?

Content-wise, we always have articles written either by LAYA! subscribers, or by the staff. We also have monthly jokes, and an informational news article. Coming out weekly, is a fun Quote of the Week.

What's the history of LAYA!?

Originally, LAYA! was started in a small city in California, called Los Altos. It was, and still is, distributed to only young adults (Junior High and High School kids), at least as far as we know.
We recently expanded our territory to include the whole United States, and have subscribers from California to Washington D.C.

How do I subscribe to LAYA!?

Click on the subscribe button on the bottom navbar!

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Los Altos Town Crier
SJ Mercury
San Jose Mercury News
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